My Sony Nex5 mirrorless camera with an old M42 Prinzflex 28mm lens

My Nex5.

I've had this camera for ages. Bought new for around £300, they can be had for a sixth of that now off eBay. To be truthful I've never liked the Nex5. Buttons too fiddly, stuff hidden in odd sub menus and the original Sony lens was rubbish. The camera sat in a drawer for ages, unused for probably four years or so. I've revived it with a series of adaptors for old lenses. The 28mm one I have on now is a re-branded thing from Dixons. It must date back to the mid to late 1980's and is, to be fair, junk. Even with my degenerating eyes I can see that the images are not sharp. But for £18.....

With an M42-NEX adaptor the f-stop and focus shown on the lens are moot points. Especially the focus, as infinity is now actually around roughly the 3m point on the focus ring. I can work around this as I'm not after perfect images. I just want something that helps tell a story on here or Instagram. The only other negative being size, as some of these old lenses, with an adaptor fitted, are huge on the tiny Sony. Kind of renders the one benefit of the Nex - size - redundant.

I like playing with these things, and when out on the bike if the camera and lens get trashed, it's no big deal as they can all be replaced for less than £90. I'd cry if the investment was ten times that. Indeed I'd probably not take such an expensive camera out, which would render owning one slightly pointless.

For me these images are perfectly acceptable. It gives me a reason to get out, as riding solo on essentially the same trails week in, week out can mean motivation suffers. Now, instead of thinking about riding dull loops to the same cafes or pubs, I'm off out trying to find places to photograph. Keeps me happy! Anything that gets me out of the house is a good thing, eh?

Reigate Hill

Pine cone

Reigate Hill.... again

For a change.... Reigate Hill

This last image is only included as I was out on the fat bike, and it shows my tyre tracks 😊