And then there were snails....

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Snail shell

Must admit I've not seen a live one of these snails for years now. Where have they all gone?

Very quiet out and about today.

My ride was the usual Village Cafe spin out. Didn't fancy being out for hours, just wanted coffee really. Of course on the way there I pass some stunning places:

Just for balance, my rides aren't always perfect views and eternal sunshine....

Not sure who this lot are - they stopped in front of me.....

Dropper post.

A slow ride did give me time to ponder on my 901, a 2013 model 5 and a 2012 Rockshox dropper. I'd taken the Orange today. The more I ride those two bikes, the more they compliment each other. The Orange is now a great cross country machine, where the 901 is brilliant downhill and a chore cross country. Go figure!

Boring photo of a bike

And the dropper? Utterly reliable. I have had no issues in 7 years. It's not perfect. The lever is all wrong, and the action of the post itself awful - press the lever and it does not drop. You have to press the lever, get off the saddle then put all of your mass back on. Cable operated ones are so much better.

Dropper post

I'd been in a French sports shop during the week, and spotted some hiking trousers with a reinforced backside to them. Perfect for night rides? Not too warm this May, so gave them a go. Outward bound, remnants of the day, they were warm. After the pub stop? Awesome!

Grand day to be out.

Reigate and the Sussex Weald

I've been riding solo for over a year now, and it is fine. Do miss a bit of company now and then, yet there's always something to distract me. The rides with certain company over the past few years started fine, but degenerated into mutual lack of respect, which is never a good basis for friendship. Got to the stage now where we ignore each other. Now I can combine three hobbies; cycling, eating and photography. I'm only good at one, and fortunately some places do excellent food :-)


And whilst waiting for horses to pass....

Green stuff in the woods


Must have been something on as the town was full of bunting: