Nothing much about; quick spin around Banstead Heath.

Full of cold.

Sigh, I bought a new Whyte 901 a few weeks' ago, and since then I've had cold heaped upon cold. Been really ill for almost three weeks. Miserable even. Today was the first time in ages that I could do more than a few miles; Tuesday I only managed 4 before giving up.

My garden waking up for Spring.

It was such a lovely spring morning, that even though my nose was in free-flow and my internal temperature a bit vague, it had to be done; a ride had to happen no matter how short. In the end I managed a good twelve miles - which really was about my limit. Not many people about. One guy at the top of Reigate Hill in a GMBN hoodie - on an electric bike. He was about 18 and was using it more like a motorbike; roosters up hill style. Fair one. Other than him, there were no other cyclists evident. Did catch some of the Pioneer run, which was nice.

Banstead Heath secret trails

Banstead Heath.

For once the heath was dry and relatively free of dog eggs. It's not a fast place to ride, or even very technical. Indeed it's not a brilliant place most times. What it does offer, within the M25, is a sense of space and is my gateway to proper, long rides. It's also got the Sportsman on it, but that's another story.

A place to sit.

There are few benches on the heath, so you are inclined to push on. However it is worth taking the time to just sit. I stopped here for ten minutes, and must have exchanged pleasantries with six or seven people.

Light lunch

My 901.

It's a decent bike, probably my main ride now. I'd say point-to-point it's my slowest bike. Going up or along it's not a bike to encourage speed. I seem to fall into a meandering kind of ride then, just pootle. Add a bit of gravity and it's like flicking a switch or taking drugs. The thing just picks up its' skirts and goes. I kind of like the mixed personality. It's almost as if it was designed for uplift trail centres....

Well worth it.

I left my Strava at home, as the ride was never going to be fast or even interesting. In terms of Strava, it was dull. In terms of a ride, I really enjoyed it. Didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything, did enough to make life worth living. Sometimes doing nothing is all you need to do.