Run or dye at Penshurst 3rd July 2016 - Colour Run #differencemaker

Run or dye.

We were at Penshurst a few months ago for a craft fair; not my cup of tea, yet a pleasant enough event held at a great place. When leaving I noticed a sign advertising a colour run and mentioned it to my wife, suggesting that she enter. Obviously she did, and invited a friend as well. I don't run, and ended up the nominated driver and photographer. Going to be a boring day for me then.

3rd July 2016; the event.

You have to get there for 08:15 registration, which for us meant an 06:00 start given it is 45 mins drive away. Incidentally, how many routes are there to Penshurst? I never sem to use the same roads twice.

Got there, big queue for registration. Normally a sigh of pain this, yet everybody was in good spirits and I could meander off for a coffee seeing as how I was not part of it.

Once through registration the fun begins.

In the registration bag is a pack of dye. Here you can tell new to the event people v. been there done it. Been there done it open said dye and chuck it everywhere. New people stand around watching, saying things like "don't get it it my eye" and such. After half an hour though, new people wake up and start tentatively throwing dye about. All initially done very politely, just amongst themselves.

You wait.

The run did not start until 10:30, and even then staged. Get a pep talk from some people, line up at the start and wait half an hour to set off.

Naturally this bit I missed. What to do for 45 minutes? Actually I only had half an hour as it turned out my ten year old is fast; he came in a full 30 minutes before the rest of our group. Did help that he pushed into an earlier start, yet even so, he was way fast.

30 minutes in a field in Kent? Boring.

No, not at all. Meandered over to get a coffee and cake, sat down to watch the activities. This primarily seems to involve a leaf blower, some dye and 4,000 people. I started to enjoy myself, and started gradually to get covered in dye.

30 minutes was soon up, as my boy romped home.

We sat around.

All of our group back, we sat around for an hour eating and chatting. All very pleasant, yet we noticed some people absolutely plastered with dye. How?! We soon learnt the answer; a small stage had been set up to accommodate a leaf blower.

Well..... let the photographs I took speak for themselves.