The point of night rides is the pub, right? Well.... meteorite talk from Steve Miller at the Grey Dove.

Night rides; what's the point?

I enjoy my night rides far, far more than visits to trail centres. They're more interesting for a start, and involve infinitely less driving.

But they're just an excuse to go to the pub, right?

Kind of, yet there is so, so much more to it. It's like being an excited kid again, not knowing what the adventure will bring.
  • The excitement of strapping various lights to bike and helmet.
  • Going out knowing at some point it will be scary dark out there.
  • Trails that just look different somehow.
  • Funny, fresh air smells.
  • Coldness.
  • Animals that dart out.
  • The happy sound of banjos playing in dark corners.
  • People calling out in a gruff voice that "you've a pretty mouth..."

Sorry, got distracted there a bit. There are few demons out really.

Friday 19th September, night ride to the pub?

I'd spotted a small sign in the Grey Dove café about some chap giving a talk on meteors one night. Ticket £6 with wine included.

So, instead of going to a pub miles away, I could go to a café miles away, have some wine and nosh, and listen to a nutter give a talk on his pet but mad theories of life?

Well why not, so I bought a ticket.

Friday came, warm but increasingly dark so off I set on my educational night ride. Lights charged, happy frame of mind. There's a point to tonight's night ride!

The Grey Dove and Steve Miller.

Ah, some nutter. Not. Turned out to be an old head of department at University College London. He served time in Hawaii observatories working on the Hubble telescope. Big man in physics.

So far away from being a nutter it was unreal. Actually a nice chap able to talk to us norms, and whilst I didn't come away any better educated [I too have a physics background] I came away happy and content. Although that may well have been the wine.

It was surreal, I'll give you that. Sometimes though, don't you find doing the same old stuff a bit tame? Motivation slips, excuses come out. They don't when you've a ticketed event to go to, and you're going by bike. Same old, same old becomes something new and fun. Really enjoyed myself.

Riding back miles with wine in my system.

Ever been on a night ride where you are the demon in the woods? The scary man waiting to jump out?

Me, wine in my system, happy little talk, night ride under clear, warm skies? Zipping along, singing, leaving little pee markers on posts every mile or so.

I was the nutter in the woods. You sure do have a pretty mouth....