Surrey cycle festival Reigate 20 July 2014.

No ride for me on Sunday. Instead Muddy was at the Surrey cycle show, Priory Park, Reigate.

The show was centered around three main isle cycle displays, with us traders around the fringes. Mainly these comprised of bike shops like C & N, and Finches. Here we had the usual static display of bikes, yet C & N had managed to break free and were letting people ride theirs, which looked great. They were really busy and I'm sure those rides will translate to sales or service at some point.

Then there was the rest of us, a mix of amateurs like me, or professionals who attend all the shows. Us amateurs had fold up tables from Argos and Robert Dyas £60 gazebos. The pros had logo'd pop up gazebos and branded t-shirts. I'm not convinced the public were that fussed either way; they just wanted a free day out.

It was great; really enjoyed it. You wouldn't think that standing next to a table of own design t-shirts, watching the world go by would be fun. It was in an odd way. I sold enough to make the day worth the bother, chatted with loads of people and traders. Both held interest and both parties suggested improvements I could make.

My stall, in a nutshell, was awful. A table with t-shirts laid flat on top. 1 for effort Muddy, can do better. It was essentially formatted as a car boot sale, which was bad. Whether or not I'd sell more is debatable but it just looked poor. 80% of the people that bought stuff, bought because they knew me.