It's sunny, it's Tuesday - time for a fast spin out to Box Hill then.

Riders come, riders go. Some don't quite like mountain biking, some talk-the-talk, others have better things to do. Life's like that, no worries.

KD has better things to do. He has three children under 6. Sunday spotted him approach. "Fancy a spin on Tuesday?" came out of his mouth.

Tuesday came. KD likes to ride fast. He doesn't do distance, he does speed. Happy when things get lose and his wheels slide. No thought, just ride, go where the fun is.

He forces the pace. Go slow and he'll buzz your rear tyre. He's had people off doing that. I accept it for what it is. Puppy dog keen. It makes me ride fast. It's fun. We go places, do stuff. We don't overthink the trail.

Can't outride him, no way. Can get ahead as he's a bit lardy whilst I'm whippet. Only in some places. In most his brain is wired differently. Where we see risk, he sees fun. It doesn't bother him if his bike loses traction. He just goes faster.

Dusty singletrack Mickleham. Real bull dust. Deep as. I knew the route, done it few times now. He didn't. Didn't tell him what was ahead. I rode it, stopped to see the action as KD tried to keep up. He didn't make the final corner, not in any meaningful sense. Both tyres locked up, foot down, sideways out of the corner. No control, no finesse. Big mahoosive grin, ear to ear.

He did the next 100m of downhill in that style. I'd do the corner, safe and secure. He'd do it, less speed but entirely sideways full of dust.

Who had more fun?

He's slightly deranged.

His bike is boggo basic. No frills, £500 from Wiggle four years ago. £150 on eBay tops.

Doesn't matter to him. It has tyres, that'll do. He'll chase you down no matter what you ride. Make the trail easy on your bike, tough on his? He'll not notice, let gravity do the work. I've seen his brakes on fire whilst he's used a tree to body-block stop. Deliberately.

End of the ride. 22 miles, all off-road, just over two hours. Thousand yard stares all around.

I don't want to ride like that all the time. It's massive fun, but we're on the edge in so many ways.

Really enjoyed it, really did.