Everything has gone pear shaped.

Had a good ride out on Tuesday, so have one in the bag so too speak. I only work part-time, so don't live for the weekends, yet all the same it's nice to get out for a spin isn't it? Well Saturday was "New Enterprise" day for Muddy; the construction of a wood store for re-sale later on. I'm on a mission to get a new bike to replace the PACE RC303, which never really fitted. Either want a newer hardtail, or the current in vogue fat bike.

Saturday evening? Nope, the GT was due to be collected as I'd sold it during the week. Did OK on that one; bought for £37, spent £10 refreshing it, sold for over the ton. All funds for the new bike - we splashed £100k on our loft conversion last year, so visible spending has to stop for a whilst. Anyway, no ride Saturday, so Sunday?

Sunday, boiler repair man due in the morning. Wait in, watch him poke various bits. Boiler not even remotely working by 11am, we all gave up. Got the bike out, went out in a bit of an huff. Cold showers and broken boilers do that to me.

Mention for the boiler? Glow-Worm 30cxi we fitted a few years ago. Supposed to be an efficient combi. Is it heck. £300 on repairs each an every year? How is that efficient? Hate it and will never go back to Glow-worm, ever. It can't tolerate hard water areas, allegedly, yet every single repair was due to parts just disintegrating. The wiring fell apart last time. This time it looks like a £4 sensor has gone. Glow-Worm want £90 to come look at it.

Glow-Worm, sod off.

Grumpy start to the ride. Grumpy first quarter. Setting off late meant lots of walkers within 100m of the Reigate Hill car park. Should have bypassed it, but my brain wasn't wired correctly at the time - later on I remembered to give the area wide berth. No matter how many times you call out, no matter how many times a walker will look you right in the eye, they never, ever get out of the way until you are right on top of them. They then look like stunned deer, and comment that you should have used your bell.

Should have just avoided the car park, realised that my brain was in stupid mode.

Switch on Muddy, switch on.

Post car park I did, had to really. You can't cruise, not when the trails are so unpredictable. Dry spell, bit of rain, slippy, slip slip. Turn brain on, engage with the trail instead of just riding it, and all was fine.

Engage with the trail, my mood lifted slowly. The boiler is at home, I'm here. Enjoy the here.

So I did. Cruising down to Epsom Downs, naturally, there was Beer Babe in front. Her and partner were blocking the trail. Figured they were admiring the view, as they do on those bikes now and then, so went to pass. Nope, just waiting for walkers, so I followed them down.

Slightly alarming following the ass of Beer Babe down the trail, but those bikes can shift surprisingly well. Points to note:
  • Fat tyres on hard pack sound like bees.
  • Fat tyres on hard pack drift around corners.
  • Riders on Fat bikes look like they're having more fun.
  • Fat bikes slow down quicker than you expect them to.
  • Walkers have no idea what to make of them.
Had a quick chat; I remembered them, they had no idea who I was. I'm a random Norm on a mountain bike; they're hero's riding enormous bikes.

I like the notion of a fat bike; they look like bikes should. What I'm not so keen on is tyre drag, although Beer Babe & Co seem to make light work of it all.

Up Stane Street. Short but hard climb. Should be faster, but I'm not. Passed by a nutter. Fast nutter clearly well into the red zone. Shell suit, ancient bike, helmet on but straps undone. He was going at double my speed. Figured he was making a point and I'd possibly pass him soon.

Yup. Top of the rise he was off-trail, just standing there. I plodded on.

Got home, boiler still broken. On ride I'd figured that the connector must be corroded. Bit of brake cleaner got it working long enough for a quick, warm shower. However it took an hour to get it working. By that stage I was shouty at everyone and anything. Feel a bit guilty now about having a pop at my daughter.

Final score: Boiler 2, Ride 1. 

Moral here being either get the boiler fixed by a competent person and not a Glow-Worm fitter, or ride more and invest in some dry wash.


  1. Hi there - sorry to hear you're having problems with a boiler. I'd recommend STL Heating 'cos they know what they're doing and don't charge as much as other places. Still if you are after a new boiler they can help with monthly payment schemes - hope that helps!


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