Epic Bleed Solutions - Shimano bleed kit review.

Bought a set of Shimano Deore brakes the other week. My Tassajara has never had matching brakes; I built it up from bits and the brakes were a mismatch set. Four years on I finally admitted to myself it was a bodge job, so on to the CRC website went I.

Naturally in fitting said brakes a smidgeon of air entered both. I guessed it may; how can you cut an hydraulic cable without doing so? My brakes were very spongy, with both levers coming right back. No drama, just buy a kit from Epic and get on with the job.

£15 later I'm in possession of one of their kits, and I must say.... excellent service and product. Consists of gloves, two syringes, a plastic pipe and some fluid. Clearly a bit of profit in for them as you could assemble this kit yourself, but who'd be bothered to just to save a few ££'s?

Easy to do when following the instructions. Remove brake, pads and attach both syringes. Push/pull the fluid around, job done. My only initial mistake was in not removing the plunger from the top syringe before I started. My silly - Epic do rather nice videos showing just how to do the job. Naturally I'd not bothered to watch said video first. Men, eh?

How long to effectively bleed a set of brakes to perfection? Fifteen minutes tops, and I'd never done it before. How much would a bike shop charge for the same job? More than £15 I bet.

Got a bike, get an Epic