I like my dentist, but really...

Had a text from my dentist reminding me that my routine check-up was due. No worries, book it in, pop along, ten minutes later good bill of health.

Except it wasn't like that. Check-up hinted at a cracked tooth. He took an X-ray or two. Came back, said he'd like to look a bit more. This involved an injection. Then a drill, then a thing that felt like a little hammer whizzing around. Bits of tooth started to fly, so definitely a little hammer then. Wonder what he's up to? Difficult to ask, what with his hand in my gob. Eventually he stops and goes for a little walk to answer the 'phone. Have a feel. Tooth completely gone, just a little nubbin left below the gum line.

That's a check-up for you.

He comes back, so I ask. He just didn't like it is all, it was cracked, best deal with it.

He's like that my dentist. He pulled a wisdom tooth once because he didn't like it. Just went and rooted it out there and then. Took a few seconds is all.

Now this sounds like he's a nutter, but really this is all my fault. You see I don't like faffage at all, those little indecisions that you carry through life. If something needs doing, do it. He knows this, so doesn't faff. Of course he does ask before going in, yet somehow we both know the answer will be yes, so he more-or-less starts before I answer.

By heck sometimes I wish he would.

My routine check-up, by the way, has so far cost me £220. He has yet to re-build what he took out.

The assistant, who is a very nice lady, always asks if I am OK. From check-up to wisdom tooth removal in less than a minute does tend to make one look a little despondent. Today was no different; she kept asking. However today was different. Very tired you see, so my closed eyes were nothing more than me falling asleep. Done that a few times at the dentists, which again makes him think I'm not fussed.

£220 though. That hurts more than the treatment.

Ho hum, life goes on.