Bacon cookies recipe.

Bacon cookies recipe.

Kids off school, stay at home Dad, what to do?

Bake stuff of course. More sugar content, the better. So, cookies it is. Looked at Google, found this recipe. Tried it, and yes, acceptable but a tad unadventurous isn't it? Now a couple of years ago we experimented with chocolate bacon. Yup, crispy bacon dipped in molten chocolate. Very tasty, so why not bacon cookies?

Yup, we made bacon cookies today and excellent they were. Didn't tell anybody they had bacon in of course; waited until they'd made comment. A friend of ours, who was once employed as a professional chef on the private yachts in Florida, pronounced them tasty. Thought the bacon was some form of nut. She's the type to state if something is awful.

Go on, if you're bored, try it. Way better than it sounds. The original recipe called for salt to be added, so cookies are a salty product anyway. All we did was to replace salt with something salty.

For my recipe I swopped out the 200g of chocolate for: 100g dark chocolate pieces, 50g of chopped preserved cherries and 50g crispy bacon chopped into small bits. Didn't add any additional salt. All cooked for eight minutes.