Muddy Ground new Leith Hill t-shirt.

This is my newest creation, available from for the price of £24.95. Out of all my designs, I really, really like this one!

Must admit to having taken my eye off the ball for some time. We've had the builders' in for a year, and the house has been in chaos. 2013 was also a very bad year for t-shirt sales, so I got a little depressed over the whole Muddy Ground as a shop thing. There's also the element of my liking this design, but other people not getting the idea. Even now, with the finished article in front of me, I have doubts. But then designing these things you do really wear your heart on your sleeve sometimes.

However, it's a simple design and my key indicators - my children - like this one. If a design sucks, they'll say.

Here we have the infamous Leith Hill, in Surrey. It's a key ride point for both road cyclists and mountain bikers. Unintentionally I've managed to produce a design that caters for both camps. Leith Hill itself is shown as a brooding, Mt Fuji type mountain - and hence the Japanese text. The intention here, especially in doing the mountain as a line drawing, was to re-create those original Antarctic exploration images you see in old accounts of explorer adventures. The town could be anywhere; Dorking or Cranley, you chose. As for the colours, well I've always been a fan of the Gulf Oil 917 so used similar.....

It's just a bit of fun, a homage to the area that I've grown to love. And for 2014 my USP is going to be.... Limited production runs.