It's Halloween; what to do with the old pumpkin?

About three weeks ago I bought a pumpkin to carve out for Halloween. Brought it home, everybody commented on what a nice piece of fruit it was. Rich, golden colour. Seemed a pity just to carve it and chuck it afterwards. I'm from the Midlands you see, where we don't knowingly waste anything. So I carved it, then brought it in after trick or treat had ended. And on that subject, how mad was it this year? People really went for it. Initially my kids looked over the top, what with their fake blood and gore covered clothing, but out and about they blended in well. Even the adults dressed up. We came back with almost 2kg of sweets. Result. Well it was until we realised Child + Lots of Sweets = Badness, so our rather quick witted children swopped them out for £5 each kilo. Ouch.

Anyway, this pumpkin. Must have weighed 10kg. That's a lot of fruit; you wouldn't chuck away 10kg of apples now would you? On-line, looks like pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin seeds.... So that's almost what I did; two pies went down very well with my builders and family. Chucked 500g into to-nights' fish pie; not even noticed - some in with the fish itself, rest in with the mash. Pumpkin seeds roasted in the oven, bit of salt and vinegar? All eaten, even by my boy who hates crisps [chips to my American friends]. Still got 1kg of flesh left, but considering we've used a good 6kg of the stuff, well that's not bad is it? I feel really happy, and slightly righteous, to have used it all up as I hate wasting food.