The ideal winter mountain bike tyre - the Maxxis Aspen.

On the mountain bike forums are endless questions seeking the ideal winter tyre for mud. Last year my ideal was the Bontrager Mud-X. Lovely tyre, but it both wore out and then got gashed out on flint. The only rear tyre I had available was a Maxxis Aspen, a semi-slick thing. It's been on my bike for a few months now, so how is it coping with the early winter mud?

Really rather well it seems. Sure it slips now and then, but so far no more than the Bonty did last year. It helps that I have a relatively smooth riding style. Sure not many people would be happy with it sliding around on off-camber slopes, or the odd step out on muddy descents, but for me such things only serve to remind me to slow the f*** down. I'm not brave enough to fit one on the front as that would be suicidal, and neither would I fit one onto my suspension bike for the same reasons. On my hardtails it's fine.

People, I bring you the ideal rear mud tyre; the Aspen.