Surrey mud takes a toll. I've got to clean my bloomin' cassette.

I've been using my PACE RC303 for a few months now, in some really horrid weather. This, naturally, is in contravention of Rule 1: do not go out in the rain. Anyway, I have from time-to-time even cleaned the bike afterwards but obviously not well enough. Today, horrid day, got back thoroughly messy so cleaning regime number one; take chain off and soak in degreaser, scrub bike clean, put back together. Except when I went to clean the cassette it felt like a finger through sand. Bugger, that's going to have to come off then. Dontcha hate it when cleaning has to be this involved? Makes one look even more anal than normal.

Got my tools out, ripped the thing off - nice and easy given it's an Hope unit - and spent a happy twenty minutes with degreaser, old rags and some hot water. Put it back together using hardly any grease, and it's all lovely again. Suspect I may need to do this more often seeing as how the weather really is foul now. Wonder if the wife will mind me using her new ultrasonic jewellery cleaner.... perhaps not, eh?

Of course being the cheapskate that I am, I also took apart the jockey wheels and lubricated the bearings. They were horrid to look at. How these things survive is beyond me.

So once again a three hour ride has resulted in a three hour maintenance session. How does that work?