e-bikes - the electric mountain bike from Moustache

Have you ever ridden behind some old dear on her electric shopping bike? I did the other day, going uphill. At the time I didn't realise what type of bike she was on. All I knew was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch her up. It was only a sweaty ten minutes later I realised what she'd been riding. Masculinity intact I set off on my ride happy in the knowledge that I am a superior being and that she was a loser. e-bike indeed. Cheating isn't it?


I think us pedal pushers are going to be in the minority soon, as have you seen the new e-bikes centred around the Bosch motor technology? I spotted a Moustache full suspension bike being promoted the other day, and it looks fun, it really does. Check it out on Pink Bike. Style wise it's a bit European, a kind of sub-BMC image, all square tube profiles, but it looks fine in the grey colour scheme. But imagine a powered 28mph zippity zip up Leith Hill? That's not a slog is it? I'm not sure, but the batteries seem good enough to do the return trip six or seven times. On a normal Sunday what would you give to be able to do seven long downhill runs the full length of the hill? Try that using just leg power and you'd be a tad pooped by the end of it. One can also think of, say, somebody below par fitness wise being able to do all of the South Downs Way in one hit if they are careful with the battery. Or being able to accompany a fitter rider for the last forty miles - your non-riding partner could join you for a jolly spin out. You keep fit, they get to see why you do it, you both enjoy the experience together. Not to mention commuting duties. I've no idea what range they get out of these things, but I bet a half decent rider can get a fifteen mile commute in to work out of one, and then return home in the same manner, especially if they fit narrow tyres and compromise a little on comfort.

As for those mountain bikers who claim it isn't real, that it's cheating, well come on now. How many of you pop off to the Alps or North Wales for uplift days? The uplift bunch are seen as being "rad" or "gnarmeisters" but really, how different is it putting your bike onto a truck and driving up or pressing the little button on the handlebar and having a bit of e-assist? I can't see any difference. My only issue with these bikes is the rather low position of the motor. All of my bikes have rock strikes around the bottom bracket area, and here the Bosch design looks very prone. On the upside it can't be too long before we see an integrated off-roading light system being deployed. e-bike, 3,000 lumens, full suspension.... yes please.

What a cracking idea these e-bikes are.



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