What a miserable bunch we mountain bikers are.

Out on Sunday, boggo mountain bike ride to Headley and back. Saw eight other riders on the bridleways. Said a smiling "hello" to all of them. One replied with a cheery wave, but the others? Three noticed an interesting tree or bush off the trail just as we met - the exact instant no less - so couldn't answer me, fair play. Another three passed me as I was repairing a puncture. Not one of them asked if I was OK or needed any help and only begrudgingly acknowledged my existence. The last one looked alarmed at me, as if I'd just asked to wipe my bottom on his top after a stinky job in the bushes.

What a miserable bunch of selfish buggers we've become. Doesn't hurt to say "hello" now does it? And I don't expect any help, but again how much effort does it take to ask? A quick "you OK?" as one rides by. If Sunday is anything to go by we're alone out there when we go for rides, no matter how many people are on the trails. All a little dis-spiriting really.