Three bikes, three tyres, three sizes but all the same.

I'm lucky enough to run three bikes on a regular basis, all of them 26" variants. Over the past two months on Surrey trails I've ripped five tyres beyond repair on sharp flint. In two months I've not bought a new tyre, just used what I have from the Man Cave and have swopped tyres out between lesser used bikes - grippy, wide fronts with fast running rear tyres. I'm not mad keen to buy new tyres. I'm not cheap, and am as happy to spend money on nice new bling as anybody else, but decent tyres can cost £60 now. Eeek.

So, what have I ended up with? What tyres do my bikes sport after all this effort.


On each bike the front now sports a Nobby Nic by Schwalbe. Worse than that, I've somehow managed to span the Schwalbe NN range from 2.1" width, the 2.25" and the 2.4" jobbies.

You'd think I like that tyre but it's just happenchance that I've arrived at this point in life.

Time to buy some new tyres me thinks.

Maxxis ones.

In a sale.