Cinnamon and raisin scones recipe, with home made jam.

Yeah, yeah, Muddy does food now does he? Give me a break.

Well, sorry but I like to share and we found this recipe by accident. We've been making scones all summer, children and I, and got bored of the usual fruit then cheese then fruit... routine. In Sainsbury's the other day we spotted a cinnamon and raisin packet, so thought we'd try that. Well now, only found the best ever recipe for fruit scones.
  • 225g mix of plain and wholemeal self raising flour [we make our own mix].
  • teaspoon of baking powder.
  • bit of salt - usual half a teaspoon called for, but I put in half that amount. Salt is bad.
  • 40g unsalted sugar.
  • 50g to 70g butter - gets really crumbly the more you put in.
  • 60g cinnamon and raisin mix.
  • 150ml to 170ml milk - I kind of splash it in, so quantity variable.
Mix the whole lot together, milk last, until you have a sloppy goo. Put a good handful of plain white flour onto your board, then slop the goo mix out onto it. Cover with more flour until unsticky, then I flatten it by hand until about 2cm to 3cm thick. Cut rounds out using an appropriate cutter*, then place onto a cooking tin that you've covered in butter then sprinkled flour on to. Bit of egg white on the tops, splash of sugar and bake in an hot oven until the tops go brown - around fifteen minutes. Put on to a rack to cool for a second or two. Makes around 8 of the things, so enough to share with the neighbours' as we do.

Eat warm with a healthy dose of clotted cream and jam. With home made blackberry jam mind. In a cafĂ©, or shop bought, somehow we can all eat two or three scones. Yet these homemade semi-wholemeal jobbies we can only scoff one.

Go on. If my ten year old can make them, then so can you. Way better than shop bought.

Oh, you want the jam recipe as well? Hmm, acquired taste, my jam. Ah well....
  • Go blackberry picking. Eat loads, keep some, leave more for the bears.
  • For every 80g blackberries, 100g sugar.
  • Some lemon juice.
  • Splash of vanilla [no idea why - I add this stuff to everything!]
Boil it all up, mashing the blackberries down, then simmer until you get bored. I managed 5 minutes, but this makes a runny jam - which we all love, so lucky there. Simmer for longer and it gets thicker. You could always add pectin, but I've no idea what that is, and don't have any, so didn't. Put into jars, cool and then into the fridge. Ours doesn't last at all - kids love it better than the shop bought stuff. Indeed my daughter hates jam yet will happily spoon this stuff down.

Possibly a good idea to wash the blackberries first, but again I couldn't be arsed - after all we were scoffing them whilst picking anyway, so what was the point? Bugs add volume and protein, and the legs give you something to chew on.

*Or do it the Norfolk way - just grab handfuls of the mixture and dob them out misshapen onto the baking tray - really, just splat them down as is, do not shape, groom or do anything to the splodge at all. Only get four this way, but they are bloomin fantastic, especially if you change the sugar and fruit to 50g grated hard cheddar. A real winters' treat this one - eat warm, cut them in half, big chunk of cheddar in the middle.