The upcycled coke can alcohol stove - using the thing to cook food.

Yesterday, 30 degrees C here in Surrey. Wife suggested a BBQ, but I had to inform her that thanks to the build and having to throw a lot of stuff out, that it had gone. It was rusty anyway. Then I remembered my home made stove, so decided to use that to cook our stuff. Set it all up, got it going, put the food on.

Took 30 minutes to cook the sausages. Kind of figure either the multi-fuel Coke can stove is inefficient, or that there may be better designs out there. I'm kind of not arsed to find out.

They were properly slow cooked mind, but even so. I also worked out that it took roughly £1's worth of alcohol to cook them, so not terribly efficient - but then have you seen how expensive Gaz is these days? My little stove is probably on par with those cost wise. As I did state in my last post regarding this thing, it's not clever, people don't go "Wow!" when you use it. If you were stuck somewhere and had to make one, which you could do easily, it's nice to know how*, but for normal people just eat out or buy a BBQ**.

*Talk of stretching a point Muddy! Fess up boy; it's just sad.

**And here I mean something that uses charcoal. Gas powered stand alone units are not BBQ's. Sure you can cook sausages on them, in the same way you can cook pizza in a domestic oven, but it's not the same experience is it?