Muc-off dry wax lube product review.

Wax lubes I am a fan of, so if I spot a new one I'll give it a whizz. They tend to leave a clean drive train, and avoid collecting trail muck on rides out. Spotted the Muc-off, came in a big bottle, so why not give it a go.

Application is easy enough; clean chain, single drop to each roller, let it dry, off you go. And in the dry it works well enough, lasting for a good twenty miles or so. In the wet it lasts about ten seconds, but it's not meant for that. Just be aware that if the trails are damp, or if it looks like rain, then you'll have no lubricant on your chain pretty soon. I was a bit disappointed here, as quite often the wax lubes are water tolerant. I've used Squirt, for example, quite happily in really awful conditions but the Muc-off is not water tolerant at all.

But even in the dry it's a horrid lube. It turns to a black, waxy goo pretty quickly, leaving both chain and cassette covered in a thick residue. It washes off easily enough, but what a mess. The rear rim also gets covered. I'm also wary of wax lubes that wash off easily, as quite often the residue finds its way to the hub pawls, over time filling up, holding water and rusting the little springs through.

Overall a bit pants, even in the dry.