When stray cats go mental. I bring you hellfire.

Our daughter's cat. Got her as a stray Christmas 2011 and she's been trouble ever since. Nothing specific but she stalks and investigates and gets into places no cat should. Our scaffolders want her as a mascot because she climbs up and into their lorry, and can also be seen walking the scaffolding around the house, 20 foot up. She sleeps in cars and loves to dig in skips. Any dog seen in the road will invariably be followed by a little black cat called Wibzo. Everybody knows her. She's been in most houses.

But today? Man.

I got home about 4pm. Normally she's hanging around after food, and always comes when called. No cat. Odd but she does disappear now and then.

Eventually at about 5:10 pm she turns up all excited and agitated. Something up thought I but didn't go any further. Not like you can ask is it?

5:15 neighbour turns up and asks if  I know what's up as her garden has been on fire and she doesn't know why. No idea, sorry.

Fire brigade turn up with an investigator. Explosion you see. BBQ gas cylinder went up and nobody knows why. Decking in garden trashed.

Investigator puzzled. Odd one this.

One hour later... Regulator left on, BBQ fell onto the side with the ignition switch. Cat paw prints nearby. He thinks a cat knocked it over, it ignited the gas that had pooled in the garden.

It was our neighbour who told us this, as we watched our cat stalk two dogs down the road. Everybody just looked at this little black cat and we knew. We just knew.