50km/h down Stane Street? You must be mad.

AD was to blame. He sent me a text saying that he needed to burn some calories as he'd stuffed his face at a BBQ. S'all it takes innit? Took the borrowed Orange 5 Black and went for a silly fast blast around the Surrey Hills. We hit 50km/h more than once or twice on this ride, and our average pace was 12km/h.

It wasn't what you call a social ride. No time for idle chit chat, I wanted to ride and AD seemed happy with the forced pace. Since Christmas I've lost 7kg in weight, and this makes me feel more nimble on my bike. I'm still slow uphill, but I'm better than of late. Add in one or two adopted techniques when going downhill, and things are getting faster. Our average pace for ages has been 8km/h but we've both gradually improved it and can now ride 50% faster than in 2012. So now instead of doing a puffed out ride to Headley and back at a sedate pace, we now zip to Box Hill and back in the same time frame, a longer ride. All due to slightly less gut mass.

Here we have a dusty bike, a rare sight here in the UK of late. And yes that chain does need cleaning. It's got an eco friendly oil on it. This is all well and good, but it still produces an horrid, dirty black chain that's full of sand. Much better in these conditions too switch to a dry wax based lubricant like Squirt.

AD was on form and although behind me for much of the ride, he did his best not to lose too much ground and I was never that far ahead. Really this isn't a case of me being a Super Fast Rider but rather one that isn't carrying a dead pig around in my Camelbak. AD is also on a mission to drop around 8kg, and if he does I'll have to watch my game on the hills as he's a crafty bugger. Best not let on how I'm slightly faster than him going downhill then, eh?

The intention had been to stop at Box Hill for some scoff, but it was just too busy. So at the top whilst AD just wanted to sit down after I'd beasted him on the climb, even though he pulled a fast one on me at the start, I moved us on to Headley Heath a few miles down the road. Sure they have shitty coffee, but you never have to wait long to be served - may be a link there; shitty coffee, no people? Rather fetchingly a lovely dog walker had left a stone covered turd in the seating area. Adds a certain ambience.

Nothing of note happened during the ride. I didn't crash into any horses, and AD managed to keep his chain on. But it was an absolute blast, especially the chalk path down to Reigate. And we were on out of fashion 26'ers. Really, what will the Mountain Bike Fashion Police have to say about that?

My favoured bit of trail.