501 mountain bike related things to do before you die: Bucket list number 37: Find a strange fungus.

Normally a mountain bikers feet* are the prime source of fungi but on my ride out today I beat even the stuff one finds between ones toes after a wet ride in sodden shoes.

Bucket list number 37: Deadly fungi

I've no idea what this stuff is, and although obviously natural it also looked something you'd use as insulation in your home. Well you Dear Reader being normal wouldn't but I being a crap DiY'er would. Spores? What are they then?

Obviously I was out on a ride today then. Indeed it being a Wednesday morning why not? That or stop in being hassled by builders' / wife / architects. So I chose the Real Man option and ran away from the problems. Well rode away being more apt. I took the enhanced Orange Five Black out - it now sports a 2.4" Nobby Nic along with a Hope hub and Stans Flow EX rim. That's £200 spent on getting an extra 0.15" tyre width. The wheel looks very nice indeed, as does the big fat Enduro tyre, but really. What was wrong with the original 2.25" tyre and wheel? Possibly nothing. But saying this it is a nice looking bit of bling and the tyre now defines the ride. Very 1980's Cadillac.

A tyre seen yesterday.

OK the angle exaggerates the volume of this tyre, but believe me, it is big and wallowy and comfy and confidence inspiring and brakes great. No way does this thing want to break traction in the dampness of today. I quite like it and it has made me ponder on a Fatty bike from On-One. Well why not? Nay sayers state it can only be ridden on a beach. So pray tell what exactly is Headley Heath then? Just because the tide has gone out a bit doesn't mean it's no longer prime beach front property.

Naturally having the Orange Five to play with I went somewhere gnar, somewhere exciting to test the limits of man and machine. Well, er, no, not really. Only had an hour so had to be a quick twelve miles, so a round trip to Headley Heath it was. Again. The tyre rode well but it must be harder work to push around as diddums got a bit tired. On one feature I call "jump" but that anybody else would call "flat" I just couldn't be arsed to push with my legs and landed heavily on the front wheel. Honestly, it was like being a dad in one of those bouncy castles you get at kids parties, all splooshy and soft and embracing. Well as it would be seeing as how my altitude gain had been all of 2cm. Even now some hours later I can hear the bike calling me a puff.

Go on then, go get big fat tyres for your play rig. It's fun in a stupidly pointless way. Bit tough to say it's worth a £200 wheel upgrade though.

*Or AD's wallet.