Anatonomy of a loft conversion: The "Top Hat" scaffolding issues.

This is a "Top Hat" scaffold. What it enables is for the builder to work in a degree of comfort, and I guess secrecy - you can't see what the bugger is up to can you? It's not cheap - this is costing us £4,000 for I think 3 months. But what is it like to live with?

Well not surprisingly on windy days it is an arse. You don't even want to think of sleeping inside. Our neighbour's make barbed comments all the time.

It is also surprisingly wet. The iron roof must hold a lot of water, as after rain it drips for a good four days afterwards. You wake up to the pitter-patter sound of rain, get a bit miserable, then open the windows to reveal sun. That's an oddity. Another is frost. Again you wake up to a pitter-patter noise, but it seems just to be the metal expanding or contracting. Very odd that.

There are three further annoyances. The first being the ties that hold it together. They come off constantly and I'm forever picking them up. The second is our cat Wibzo loves to climb and walk around the thing. Bit odd seeing her 20ft up. And finally there is a sodding great ladder attached to the front - doesn't take much beer inside a young stud for them to try and climb the thing. Luckily we are in residence and our builder lives nearby, otherwise you may need some kind of alarm up there.

Oh and your house is dark inside.