Anatonomy of a build: loft conversion on an 1880's Victorian house: Builder's poo.

We're expanding our 1880's Victorian house upwards, and I have been asked by our architect to keep a twitter diary of the build. Well, I have a blog, so.....

It's all very well designing a spanking new bedroom with an en suite bigger than your existing second bedroom, but on the first day our builder asked a more pertinent question; got a bog? "Bog" in layman's language meaning toilet. "Got to have a bog. Going to get a port-a-loo?"

Now those Port-a-loos that sit outside people's houses during builds are horrid things. Blue and stinky, often in the way. But hark! What's this! An outside privvy. This is after all an 1880's Victorian house. Yes, we still have an outside toilet. Came in handy when we put the new bathroom in, and still serves a function as mini-shed. So I set too and cleaned it out. The door was rotten, but only in parts. A quick shuffle around an industrial estate turfed up some old pallets; they got dismantled and screwed in place. Bit of paint removal, screwed up a shelf for some hand cleaner, away we go.

I think you'll agree, it looks grand and if I were a builder [sadly I have qualifications so alas cannot be one] I'd be happy to poo in there.

Can you spot the pallets?

And yes, the frame does need a bit of TLC but for now it's a fine place to sit and....