Stay at home dad's - I bring you the papier mache crocodile.

I only work part-time, so have to fill my week somehow. Normally this involves mundane jobs; few hours on Google, a spin out on my mountain bike, perhaps reading a newspaper or magazine in a cafe somewhere. I may even be designing a new t-shirt or giclee print for Muddy ground. Wife, naturally, wants me to do DiY but that is the Devil's work best avoided. Anyway boy child asked me last summer to make him a crocodile. No idea why, he just did. You see my children long ago realised that I do naff all so set me little tasks whilst they are at school.

So being a dad I put this task off for ages, perhaps never to be done. But boy hassled me so a month ago I started on the task of making a crocodile. No idea what to do, so I figured on making one out of papier mache. Never done this before, so had no idea other than it involved bits of paper and cardboard boxes plus a lot of glue.

40 hours later, 2 litres of glue, one newspaper, six egg cartons, two cereal boxes, twelve tea bags and some pasta later we have the making of a crocodile. Really I should look for some kind of paid employment shouldn't I?

  • Head is made of six egg boxes.
  • The tongue is eight tea bags.
  • Body and tail; two cereal boxes.
  • Legs are toilet roll.
  • Each foot is a tea bag.
  • Two litres of PVA glue.
It's about 75cm long and 2 kilo's in weight. Even my son says that whilst it looks good, it is stupidly big.