Green Oil Chain Lubricant review.

Bit busy to add text right now, but suffice to say I was a disbeliever but now am converted. I really like this stuff. Saw it in a bike shop, thought "Eco? That'll be shit" and walked on. However, remembered all the other lubes I've bought over the years and figured it can't be any worse than a lot of them so bought one to try. On some lubes I've taken to using two different varieties at the same time in a desperate attempt at lube longevity. Gets kind of expensive - dry wax lube with a ceramic wet one on the top works well for me, but is a faff.
Well the Green Oil only works rather well. True on a wet ride there's none left after 25 miles, but that's true of any lube around here. But shifting still seems good and the chain doesn't grumble. You don't get that graunchy feeling you do when there's no lube whatsoever on the chain. I've had zero chainsuck. Post ride the chain cleans up really well, and re-lubing is just a matter of one drop per roller, then wipe off.
I'll buy some more when this runs out.
Of course seeing as how I started to use this just after going 2x9 may have something to do with lube longevity. Without the outer ring there's nowhere for mud to stick you see.

Use this.

It's clean.

And works, even in this!

Indeed it even works in sub zero temperatures.