Gore Windstopper glove review.

Sorry bit busy to add text... gist, however, is that whilst I like these gloves, they were £40 bloomin' quid so should be better*. Warm in the dry, and OK in the wet even in snow. However they are a bit short, the wash care label is the size of a bed sheet, and the palms can bunch up. Seem very, very tough though. I've had a few crashed in them - one bad enough to see me in Accident & Emergency - yet they still look new. Indeed they seem so tough that they'll probably be the last gloves that I buy for some time**.

As for the little fella, it's just something I spotted out today so wedged into a post for future reference. I was going to tape it to my bike, but then my brain had an alternative and concurrent thought; why do that you twat?

*I was due to attend a meeting at Waterloo and had ten minutes to spare to buy some gloves. These were the only ones that fitted and I'd not noticed the price until too late. No way would I normally lash out that kind of cash on gloves.

**Naturally one week after writing this the gloves started to come apart on one hand on the velcro fastening tab. I've had them less than a year, and they're not the only gloves I own.