Fenwick's FS-1 bike cleaner and degreaser review.

I'm not a huge fan of bike cleaners, mainly because my bike's are never really that dirty. Sure they get muddy, but that washes off. And I'm pretty tight when it comes to lubing my chain, so never get that rear wheel black goo splatter. In other words warm water with an old brush does the trick for me, that and a bit of car shampoo. But my LBS suggested this as being good, so I put that thought in to the back of my mind. It didn't go too far as when I spotted it in something other than my LBS I bought some.

Tried it today after a muddy ride. It worked, but quite frankly so would have plain water. But reading the label it suggested that it also works as a chain degreaser, so why not? Poured a bit into my chain scrubber and gave it a whizz.

Cor blimey Mister! Dun'arf work a treat that stuff!

Really it is an outstanding chain cleaner. Normally with any cleaner there's a bit of sand left in the rollers; I can feel it when moving the chain side to side. If there's a little I'll just lube up and hope for the best. With some degreasers though they seem to do so little that I end up ripping the chain off and soaking it in a plastic bottle full of detergent and really hot water [the bottles usually deform alarmingly]. With the Fenwick's the chain had not a single graunch. OK it's only one go, but by heck as a chain cleaner it seems superb stuff.

You see, I didn't skimp on the mud!

My lovely chain after a bit of a scrub.

My new favourite lubricant [after Ann Summers lube natch...]
And yes, going 2x9 on the gearing really helps with chain cleaning. To be honest, knowing this now, I'd never go back to 3x9 just for this very reason. It takes but moments to get the rings and chain clean, whereas on a 3x9 system the outer and inner rings always held on to gunk no matter what I did. I suspect going to the 2x9 system also helps with lube longevity as less muck sticks in the first place. Very tempted to go to 1x9.