Stop moaning about the UK weather. It could be better!

I follow via this blog just for the images posted every now and then. The most recent one shows true hardcore cyclists out and about - notice that these are NOT mountain bikes being used, but cyclocross bikes with clip ins. I'd love to ride this trail with these guys, really I would.

Years ago we somehow found ourselves in Calgary on the way to Edmonton on the way from Banff. It was an odd place as everything is indoors at first floor level. Find yourself outdoors and you are alone as nobody walked the sidewalks at all. They even had running clubs as the buildings were joined by glass walkways for miles. We kind of liked it, but even in October you got the sense of winters being harsh. Edmonton was more fun - we spent 30 hours indoors in the mega mall. It had four working submarines, an hotel with themed rooms [we stopped in the Big Truck] and a full size fun fair. It was horrid and brilliant at the same time.

And yes I did hire a full suspension bike and ride up into the Rockies at Canmore. Freaked me out big time that did; 11,000ft up, no map, onset of winter, following a trail the guy in the shop had vaguely described, no gear whatsoever on me, nobody knew where I was apart from me. Ended up a bit lost [Canada is way bigger than you can imagine], found a trail that pointed back to town, and just dropped down it over these ridiculous boulders. V brakes back then as well, pieces of crap. Had LOTS of beer when I got back into town with a thousand yard stare.