Think once, click once, screw up eternally.

I bought a Reverb dropper post the othe day. Being at work, and following an on-line sale in real time, I got into a bit of a panic. The Reverb was on at £129.99 and it was clear that this would be a limited sale; as I watched the options grew smaller as they sold out. Somehow I managed to convince myself that my bike was a 30.9mm seatpost diameter, so that's what I ordered.

Managed to get it to fit, but didn't like the way it fudged up the positioning of all my gearshift, brake lever combo. So as to leave those two in my ideal position I had to mount the Reverb remote well inboard. Think a good 10cm away from my grip. That's about 3cm further than my thumb can stretch. I could mount it on the other side, above the bar, but have you seen how fragile that lever is? Anyway I was looking at the thing, thinking mounting options, when I noticed a shadow behind the slot in the seat-tube. Shouldn't that be filled with post? So I took it out.

Bugger. My seat tube is 31.6mm but I'd bought a 30.9mm post. Twat. Went on-line to see about ordering a correct one; sale sold out, price back up to £260 for a new one. Not paying £260 for a seat post no matter how clever it is.

Oddly enough I'm quite calm about this*. It was, and is, a bargain at £129.99 isn't it? You can't get them for less than £180 on eBay, and that's used. My PACE RC303 frame will need replacing one day - it's slightly too small for me, and is getting on for 8 years old now - so I could just get a new one that uses a 30.9mm seat post. That'll be an Orange 5 or Yeti ARC then. Either way I'm not going to lose out in one way**.

Really though I screwed up big time by, ironically, buying a remote remotely.

Top tip: check before you buy and don't go from memory.

Oh yes, all of us that think over 500g for a seatpost is silly. It is but once on the bike the mass is very central, and to fit I had to remove the mudguard that I'd fitted. I probably added 100g to the weight of my bike is all. But then I wasn't 100% happy with how exposed the base of the post was. Can't help at all with reliability issues can it? It does look like a problem waiting to happen.

*Man speak for the reality being lots and lots of swearing when I found out.

**Luckily I have a bike that it will fit.... but it's not a bike I ride that often.