Free radio code for older ford model UK cars

New cambelt for my 2003 Fiesta; £440 thanks. Ouch! But then no radio as the battery had been disconnected and I couldn't find any paperwork to solve the riddle. Looked on Google for the code, people want £6. Not paying that! However a mere 30 minutes on Google produced this: that worked rather well. You just need the serial number which you get by holding down buttons 2 and 6. The code itself is four digits - and invariably the digits will have numbers greater than 6. I solved it - button one on the radio is not just a '1' - if your first digit is, say, a 9 then just keep pressing button 1 until you get to the 9 and so on for the other three digits. Button 5 on the radio is the enter key.

Good luck!