When the boy becomes man. Muddy Ground buys a tool from SCATs.

Got a flyer through the door the other day; SCATs had a sale on and had some hiking boots reduced in price from £110 to £30. Now for a product that I'll submerge in a Welsh bog or trash on some mountain or beach, that's a Billy Bargain, so off I went.

Now if you've never been to a SCATs store, well you've kind of missed out a little. They are kind of a cross between an outdoor clothing supplier, pet shop or tool centre. Bit of everything for the farmer really, who doesn't want or have the social skills to go into town. SCATs are always located deep in the countryside somewhere. They are down to earth, pure distilled shopping goodness. Little choice, but that's what a busy farmer wants; he doesn't want to feck about between brands, or even different models within a brand. Wants a jacket? Well heck, SCATs sell A JACKET! Shoes? SCATs sell A SHOE - well a pair, but you see what I mean.

You can't spend hours in one of their shops, but you can have a happy half hour wondering around looking at things you've no idea what they do. The horse section I find liberating, and not just because I finger the size 18 jodhpurs either. Some of the stuff there I have no idea what it does, and I do get some odd looks when I try some of the harnesses on and run around neighing.....

But yesterday I became a man. A real true, check shirted, beer drinking outdoorsy man. Why?

I bought a wrecking bar.

Sure I've tons of tools, some of them have landed me in A & E even. But to date everything I own has been wuss tools, fit for people afraid of spiders and who buy road bikes for when it rains, claiming it is to improve fitness. My purchase today put hairs on my chest and doubled my sperm count instantly. No idea why but the purchase of a full length wrecking bar made me a man, somebody not to mess about with, a person who can - and will - break things at will. From now on I will be known only as: Muddy; Destructor Man.

And the jodhpurs? Come on! Who can resist......