Today I did a manual. Wahey!

I've got no skills as a biker. I've admitted it now, OK?

Sure I can ride miles, have ridden Snowdon and a few trail centres with no adverse effects such as falling off or failing to do it. Yet both of my wheels remain firmly on the ground, and this is limiting. Tree roots, drops etc. are all major hazards to me. My wife even sent me on a course last year to learn stuff, but I was too ignorant to actual absorb the information.

However, I have been practising and kicking myself for my inability to manual. It's a big failing. So for the past few months I've been doing half hearted attempts at learning one. Never worked. Today, same; hour spent farting around with sticks. OK I could clear the sticks but all I was doing was physically lifting the front with my arms. Crap. Lying to myself I was convinced they were proper manuals, but in my heart I knew it was a big fat lie.

But my last go, not thinking, I only went and did one. Believe me, you'll know a proper manual. The front goes all light, you are just hanging on and the bike goes everywhere. Oh and the front wheel goes way high, higher than you think is safe. It felt brilliant! Now I'm happy. Forget that I should have learnt one 20 years ago. That doesn't matter. I've broken my duck. World domination next.