The sun is shining but it's still raining.

Needed a new helmet so popped into Nirvana and bought an Urge thing. Too hot to be bothered with different styles, and liked the look of it. Got home, I look a twat in it. To cheer myself up decided to change out mud for summer tyres. Naturally I got covered in latex taking the old tyres off, and e new tyres wouldn't go on without inner tubes inside. Lots of faffage time wasted. Putting the wheels back on noticed the rear pads were a bit thin, so swoped them out for new. Now last week I was chuffed at the front pads having lasted for four years, good old Magura. However putting the wheel back in I noticed that the pad material was delaminating, so bugger me if they didn't need changing too. So, in the past month my bike has had new chain and sprockets, new jockey wheels and now new pads. I've needed a new helmet thanks to my fall. Expensive game this mountain biking mallarcky.