Rotator cuff - typical mountain bike injury.

I fell of my bike the other day and ended up in hospital as a result. The nurse said that I'd got rotator cuff, which is pretty common. Essentially it's a tearing of muscle, tendon or both. The nurse told me to rest for two weeks and that I'd not be doing much with that arm for some time. Being a cyclist I did ask if I'd be able to ride this weekend, but the nurse just looked at me as if I'm a twat.

Naturally I started taking painkillers to ease the pain. I got to ten in eight hours before I realised that the pain was still there, and that ten wasn't a good number to consume. 24 hours later I've turned yellow, which is better than dead I guess. Painkillers Dear Reader do not work beyond a mild headache. I've since realised that they didn't work because most likely what I also had was mild concussion, so I've stopped with them. I've still got the headache but I'm not going to chew deadly painkillers to stop it.

But the main problem with such an injury is that there is nothing to show. As a guy I want to show gore. Stitches aplenty, puss oozing or bone sticking out of my skin. Perhaps a colony of maggots working away. I want people to see my inner workings and faint. With a torn muscle there's no joy to be had in showing a little tiny bit of swelling. So really I'm hacked off. Not only have I got an injury that could take two years to heal, but I've got one that provides no gory entertainment at all. What's the point of that?

Above all I desperately need to know how to ride my friggin' bike.

13/06/2012: Update.

Well the injury seems to be healing well. I've been riding for ages with no side efects and my am now is fully functional. The only lingering problem being that side impacts don't half hurt. So my boy child giving me a dead arm hurts, as does lying on my left hand side. Most nights I wake up at some point in pain from just lying on it for some time. So really it hasn't healed has it? Still some deep damage there.