The story behind my Spannerfish t-shirt for

I do tend to get asked a lot as to the inception process of the Spannerfish t-shirt; how did it come about? Am I mad? Normal stuff really.

To be honest I'm not totally sure where it came from. For some years I had the word "Spannerfish" floating around in my head. I'm guessing it came from when my mom hitched up with a local truck mechanic decades ago. When I started doing the t-shirts this was the one theme that I really wanted to do, but had no idea how to go about actually creating an image that would work as a t-shirt. It's actually surprisingly hard to design a simple image in this fashion - you're limited in the number of colours able to be used by the screen printing process itself.

By ages I mean three years.

I tried images of fields, bikes in the countryside, flying birds...... None worked but then one day tidying up my toolbox it struck me just to actually use flat, two dimensional images of spanners. From there the design was finalised in a day or two.

The wording on the t-shirt tells the story of how no matter how long you spend setting your bike up before a ride, some little annoyance will inevitably happen. Who is to blame? Spannerfish of course!