Car parking charges in Brighton.

I had to park my car in Kingston town centre the other Saturday. For 12 hours parking I was charged £10, which I thought just about acceptable for a busy London town. Today, a Sunday, I was in Brighton for under 6 hours. I didn't have change so parked in a multi storey car park Figured the charge would be around £7.

Got back later on and there were quite a few unhappy faces around the pay centres. Thought "oh dear" and expected perhaps a charge of £10.

Nowhere near.


Yes, £25 for less than 6 hours parking on a Sunday. That's just outrageous. Must be that high as a deterent to driving into the town, but I've not felt that ripped of for a long time - actually not since buying a burger from McDonald's in Norway for £24 in fact. At least the burger filled a spot.

On the way out of town I looked to see if there was any free parking to be had. Nope, not in Brighton at all it seemed. You used to be able to park in the side streets a mile away from the sea front, but not any more. And there were parking wardens aplenty so you couldn't risk not paying. What a nasty, grabby town. I used to go there pretty much once a week, but feel disinclined to go at all now.