13/11/2011 X-Factor goes Lady Ga Ga ride report.

Gosh, where to start. What a day! Dog eggs in the face, naked lady in the woods and we even got some big air off tree roots. 45 miles covered at a fair old pace, and we were back in time for lunch.

Ah. That would be a dream then 'cause there was no ride. Did intend on going out, honest. Got my bike ready an' everyfin gov'nor. But Saturday night I managed to consume some, ahem, wine and Sunday woke up with this bloomin' flu that's going around. Worse I've also got a raging cold sore on my lip. Wife took one look at me, pronounced me "run down - you're not going out" and that was that.

So my poor old bikes are gathering dust and have not been out for over a month now. This is getting silly. I'm guessing it's this kind of slippery slope where all of a sudden I'll find myself old and collecting my pension, wondering where all the years went. Tsk, tsk; really need to get my act together. All I did today was mince about annoying the kids, washed my car and the wife's [even the neighbour's came out to watch, as I never clean our cars], and sat in front of the t.v. watching X-Factor with my wife. Boy is that program a waste of time. Fair enough some good singers, but all seem to have had their personalities surgically removed. Bland wins the day. Hope it's not on next year. Bring back Steve Brookstein say I.

Right off to eBay now: Bike for sale. Little use. Owned by a dreamer who couldn't get his act together. As new condition.