When spannerfish attack original design cotton t-shirt

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Now I am a bit biased, but this is my favourite design even though it polarises opinion like no t-shirt I've seen. So far men seem to get it, where women seem to think it's just odd.

What is it exactly? Well it's some rather nasty looking spannerfish hounding some poor cycles out for a spin. Essentially it's warning you Dear Reader to be prepared as out on the trail anything can happen.

Again an original design to myself, Muddy Ground. This one I drew up almost two years ago but my wife was so confused over it that I prevaricated over finalising the design and even getting it printed up. Wish I'd done it sooner as it's great. Eclectic and a bit off beat, you'll not find anything similar. As for what Spannerfish are, well, honestly I have no idea. It's been a term in my head for decades, so I must have heard it somewhere once. Yet looking on Google it actually isn't a very common term - there seems to be three or four people that have used it, one trying to use it as a trademark [http://www.myspace.com/backwardsangel]. The best one I found today [18/06/2011] was for some marine engineer in St Lucia - his logo is pretty cool, so I may send him a t-shirt just for the fun of it. Oddness abounds here in Muddy Ground.

Strangely enough, even though I designed it as a mountain bike t-shirt, somehow in my heart I seem to view it as a surfer t, or even one that would appeal to the classic Volkswagen transporter set [the good old VW T2 splittie]. It's a bit Weird Fish, which is massively unintentional and I hope complimentary to them. Here I don't mean the "fish" bit, more the oddness and meaningless fun associated the thing. I tend to draw out stuff that I like rather than, say, trying to think if it'll sell or not. "It's art dahlink, art!"