My new Spannerfish mountain bike t-shirt - signed off for production.

I'm doing the Reigate Fair this month [25th] and paid the £25 stall fee happily. The organisers contacted me this week and asked to see my Public Liability Insurance certificate. Eh? Wossat then? Figured I'd get one as it couldn't cost much. First quote came in at £450. What! So I got all depressed; I really need to get out there with my t-shirts. Even though I'm biased, they are actually very good quality [see Folksy] which is hard to show on the web. Sorry, digress. So I spent a day or two being all moody and depressed but pulled myself together and got on the case again. Found a religious group doing insurance, and they did it for £130 so I bought it. One suspects that I'll get e-mails hinting that I'm the devil spawn and should repent by joining their cult, but as I've "saved" £300 that's worth it in my opinion. Kids don't need to inherit anything anyway, and I'm partial to bread and water and public floggings so for once my luck is in, eh?

But the pitch cost £25 and the insurance £130. I've spent £155 to set up my stall in a field. One suspects that I am mad. Just to get my expenses back I'll have to sell 15 t-shirts. The last event I did I sold five. However the insurance is for 12 events, so by heck I'm going to do 12 events this year!

I'm not the world's best businessman am I now?

Just updated my facebook page [Muddy Ground]. Please add me as a friend; I'm down on my quota of virtual friends this month.

10% discount on the day if you, well, hint that you've read the blog!

My new t-shirt design seen yesterday*.

Now this one my wife really doesn't understand, and, well, to be truthful neither do I really! It's a little eclectic and just came to me one day out of the blue. Really in my mind it tells the story of no matter how well your bike is as you set off, something will happen once out on the trail.

This time I decided not to "polish" the design off; you know, hours spent neatening the lines, getting it all straight and perfect. My VW Camper one took ages, adjusting all the lines and angles to get it exact. Here I wanted it to be rough around the edges, to have some degree of originality to it, to obviously not have been photoshoped, instead clearly done by my wibbly wobbly hand. The writing is mine; it's not some Microsoft font designed to be read by all. The tools I simply traced from my own toolbox or Camelbak. But, and here's the rub; it took me just as long to make a rough image look presentable as it took me to make a good one look even better. You can't just draw something with crayon and put it onto a t-shirt. For one the writing had to be readable. Secondly the tools had to be roughly to scale. And thirdly I've never really been big on phrases, so getting the wording to my liking took a good few re-writes.

To get something looking rough but right is hard work!

As for what Spannerfish are, I have no idea. Not the faintest clue. I've worked around grease monkey's in the past, and guess I must have picked the phrase up there. Google gave me a few results, but I got bored researching once I found out the phrase actually existed and wasn't totally original to me. Duh.

Once again, my wife doesn't understand it, so that's a bonus in my view. Biased again, but I like it - it's eccentrically eclectic and clearly mountain bike themed [although if you do ride any other form of bicycle you are more than welcome to purchase].

Printed using the finest materials by the finest printers right here in the UK onto a good quality cotton base.

*Note that this isn't a photograph of me. My 'Moobs' are much, much bigger.