AC Cobra registration 980 COB

Seen in Dulwich - a dark blue AC Cobra with the registration plate 980 COB. No idea if it was genuine or not, but the exhaust noise sounded like some serious engine work had been carried out. Bald guy driving. Nice looking car, although the registration plate seems a cheapie - I can remember "COB 1" from Rod Leach, which fits the car, but what does the 980 of the one I saw refer to?

It's always fun to see these things being driven, replica or not. Much rather see a snapshot of a car on the road than in a museum or static show display. Saw a 250GTO the other year, Ferrari F40 not so long back, the odd Countach and some rather nice American metal here in Surrey. Our neighbour once had a Miura. But daft as it seems I'm as happy to see a ratty two door mark 1 Escort, or beat up Mini 850 as I am something like a GT40 or Blower Bentley. Indeed my wife the other day thought I'd seen something really exciting, and was bemused to find it was a Mark 3 two door Cortina being driven along the seafront at Barmouth. And AD was somewhat alarmed when I started frothing at the mouth over an early VW "bread van" Polo we saw near the duck pond. Each to their own. But my real joy is reserved for the original Lotus Europa. I get the horn for those every time and would love one, especially in poverty spec. No idea what I'd do with it, but they're just lovely aren't they? If only I had a spare £14,000. Not much to ask is it? All I need to do is sell 30,000 t-shirts.....

Whilst on cars, I've no idea why Porsche have not contacted me with regards to an extended test drive of the Panamera, say to Geneva and back. Indeed slag that I am I'd settle for Redhill to Reigate and back. Go on Porsche, double dare you!