My new Surrey Hills map t-shirt.

I've been trying to get a decent image of my Surrey Hills map t-shirt for ages. So far this is the best that my long-suffering wife has been able to manage:

These are seriously long lasting t-shirts that I had printed up by some of the best printers in the UK. I didn't scrimp on the quality for one simple reason; my buyers may be local and I don't want to upset people I see in the pub or on the trails! So I had them made up to be better than High Street quality.

Quite a few people assume that this is my line of work and that I make oodles of cash from this. I don't. I do it for the fun of it plus I wanted something a bit more local in origin. All of my t-shirts are inspied by the trails of the Surrey Hills - can't get much more local than that.

£14.95 delivered to your home in the UK. Can't ask for more.....