What should a hungry cyclist eat?

It's easy to get confused as to what are good and bad foods for the hungry cyclist. The magazines are full of useful articles about carb loading, which energy gels work best, or even how to hydrate properly. All good stuff, and if you're a pro rider then go for it.


There's always a but here in Muddy World. I don't cycle to get fit. Never have, never will. That's taking things too far for Muddy Ground. Dear Reader, if you cycle to get fit, then do carry on reading the magazines or researching the Internet. Good on you. Me? I ride for fun. I just like being out and about; me and my bike against the elements and myself. Go for a ride, see some stuff, have a chat with your mates or happy strangers, come home muddy and tired. Does it for me every time.

So what's this got to do with food? Well I kind of got swept away with the energy gel or bar thing for a few months in 2010. They made things a bit miserable for me. Energy bars are just floor sweepings from places where they make interesting and tasty food. They are food of course, and possibly good for you, but like most stuff that's good for you they are dull. Worse than dull they are an effort to eat. Bit like eating cardboard. And the gels? Oh my god are they horrid, and what exactly do they do that a good plate of chips don't? I eat burger and chips, and then my rather shallow attitude to food is satiated in so many ways. The stuff is tasty, fills my belly and makes me smile. I don't want to be one of those thin people that eat wallpaper paste and lukewarm water for breakfast; I want to be slightly podgy with a happy smile on my face.

I cycle to have fun. Eating mulched cardboard and floor sweepings removes the fun. I want to go for a spin, see a cake shop, eat a cake, have a strong black coffee, and talk pointless shite. I'll be dead one day; if there is a past life I want to be the one sitting there remembering a good curry fart, or my mate spilling hot coffee down his front when Miss Jodpur bent over, or that lukewarm beer we had one day with the hot barmaid. I certainly do not want to be the one eternally squeazing a 10g dried up turd from their bum.

Good food seen yesterday.