The "H" game. An in car travel game for young children.

My children invented this; they were 4 and 6 respectively but it's still a fun thing to play with your children as they get slightly older. Obviously stop when they get to being teenagers.

What is it? Well as you drive, walk or cycle around you look for the yellow "H" signs. Whoever gets the most wins. Simple as that.

But is it?

These things can be anywhere; even painted onto the road or walls. Usually they are well hidden. Certainly keeps my kids happy for a time, and adds to the usual "I spy" routine. Naturally the game leads to competitive, and sometimes heated arguements, which I love. For instance is a blue hospital "H" allowed? Or are they allowed if only Dad sees them? Certainly not!

A "H" seen yesterday.


  1. Superb, we played the 'H' game since we were small. In fact we now play the 'Splur' game in France which is exactly the same except you spy the red French 'Splurs'.


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