Really, there's no point detailing a mountain bike in winter.

Let's talk about cycling in the rain then shall we?

Two rides, both with apocalyptic weather post.

There's a rumour going around that people ride in the day.

Solo night riding in the Surrey Hills.

Lead legs, grey skies and horses. A typical winter ride then, except for the double dose of Diary of a Mountain Biker.

Wood burners can make you boring, but there's something satisfying isn't there?

Where are we at with trail food for the hungry cyclist these days?

My bike totems - clearing up confusion. Are they about specific people?

It's 2013. It's the law to have a log burner. It just is.

Here in the Uk we have 250 varieties of apple. Most of them free.

Stans' No-Tubes tubeless system - never again?

Night Riding - when you are not alone out in the woods.

The trails never change, do they?

It's Halloween; what to do with the old pumpkin?

In Surrey we have 105 ways of describing mud.

I can manual therefore I'm 100% a mountain biker.

C and B Seen cheap battery v. a Gemini "high quality" battery.

New Scooby Doo. WTF!

Surrey mud takes a toll. I've got to clean my bloomin' cassette.

The ideal winter mountain bike tyre - the Maxxis Aspen.

Mountain bike niche within a niche - I bring you the happy totem bicycle.

It's Diwali people - time for some fantastic Indian food.

Surrey cycling strategy consultation.

London for a meeting. Commuter hell.

Who reads a Surrey cycling blog then?