It's Diwali people - time for some fantastic Indian food.

I'm not religious at all but I love Diwali; always have. Why? Because the lovely Indian people of this world start to share their fantastic food with us. Foods that you don't normally encounter, even in Indian restaurants. Today, rather remarkably, I found this sweet for sale locally - something I've not had for over 40 years. Indeed it was so long ago that I last had it, I'd forgotten what it tastes like. Very, very sweet is the answer and I was immensely happy. Can't wait for the taster sessions at work.

A few moments later I was buying coffee from a woman who spoke in a strong Jamaican accent. My holding this stuff broke the ice and we had a bit of a chat. I found it interesting that here was a woman of the world, and yet she looked at my prize with a degree of mock horror - she'd tried some Turkish sweets recently and they had, shock of shocks, nuts in them. I find it lovely that in a small suburb of London you can get pretty much any food from anywhere in the world, and from people indigenous to where that food came from. I've no idea where this trend for authentic street food came from, or why it is happening now, but I do know one thing; I jolly well like it.


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