Dogs; they are just annoying now.

Flaming June.

Fairly quiet week really. Took the fatty out for a spin, thinking I'd hate it. Oddly enough it was fine, although why they exist is a little beyond me. Sure I still get it; they can be fun and they look mad. Glad I built mine, as I have had a good few years out of it. However with the 2.8" tyres we have now, there's no real need for 4". Just too heavy, too ponderous. I'm going to keep it for winter use or those days when I'm not going anywhere.

The rest of the week, the 901. Now that's just a fast bike, and I've amended my rides to suit it, rather than force things onto it. It doesn't do miles, so now I don't. Little and often seems to be the mantra with these long, low and slack bikes. Plod up, blast down. And why not? I can easily fit a 90 minute ride in now and then, but the old 75 milers pre-children? No chance. And anyway, I'm heading for 60 years old so am happier keeping it local.

No mudguards then? Ah well.

Of course the June weather needs mention. Wet. There you go; enough about the weather!

You see that storm rolling in....


I used to like them. Indeed growing up we usually had a dog around, and for my teenage years I had two. I'm familiar with dogs. Times change. We had one at home the other year, a Police dog we looked after. Liked the dog, but not the concept of ownership. Always picking up poo; people want to talk to you about the dog; can't go in cafes on walks; other dogs attack yours. I'm now all for working dogs, but not general ownership. And today just tipped the balance again. On top of Reigate Hill, nobody about, minding my own business in the rain. To my left somebody opens a gate and lets a dog run out, straight into my front wheel. I fell off. Couldn't be bothered remonstrating with the owner as he had the "sorry, I'm an inept dog owner" look on his face.

Some photos of my week, as I'm moaning now!

Headley Heath pond

Headley Heath pond, Foxglove + bee.

Secret trail, Banstead Heath

Poppies, Mogador

Wonder where this goes?

That's a bloomin' big poppy!

Playing with the camera - my old chair!