My fat bike - is it history?

Todays' ride.

Who ordered mist?

Woke up thinking somebody had stolen all of my sleep. More tired than when I went to bed 8 hours ago. Not in the mood for a ride. The alternative was to wash a car. Nah, go for a ride. As I wasn't in the mood, decided to take the fat bike as that always means a slow ride.

Few more riders out and about than last week. One big group from Balham invaded the cafe. I watched them park their bikes, and clearly my having taken the wall near the door hacked them off. The intrusion! For Roadies they were a quiet bunch; normally the noise in a cafe goes up considerably when a bunch descends. And they were well dressed; matching red and black, understated outfits. Only one discrete logo. Other Roadies take note! More logos, clashing colours, being gobby and having your knob and tackle shown in full anatomical detail in 0.1mm thick sheer lycra, does make you a nice human being. Tone it down.

Fat but a great personality.

And it was slow. After the Whyte 901 the fat bike felt.... awful. Heavy, slow, meandering. Just awful. What an horrid bike. No joy to it at all.

Not only fat, but ugly too.

20 miles in figured the front tyre may need air. Yup, 4psi in there. That's low but well withing acceptable fat bike tolerances. It made a slight difference; less meandering. I played with the Jones loop bars a bit, and raised the saddle. Still horrid.

As a mode of transport, fat bikes do suck. Today, dry, I'm bemused as to why it was my main bike for two years. Used to ride it everywhere. I guess compared to my other, older bikes, it wasn't so bad. Compare it to a modern plus bike, and it sucks.

I'm not going to get rid of it. It did work off piste, and once rolling it was OK. Somehow where the mass wasn't an issue last year, this year it is unacceptable. My 901 is heavy, yet the heavy there does not take away from it being playful. Two years ago I did 65 miles around Whitby on this bike, and recently would happily do 30 local miles. Quite honestly I've no idea what possessed me to do such things on a 45lb bike!